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The Smart Home Market in the UK – Summer 2017


The smart home market in the UK and the demand for smart home products – summer 2017

The survey has revealed the following core themes:

  • The awareness of the smart home is high.
  • The demand for smart home products is growing.
  • The use of smart home products is increasing rapidly.
  • Demographics matter, different age groups and genders have divergent opinions.
  • Trusted brands will be central to the Smart Home market’s development.

Headline figures

  • 85% of people have heard of a smart home – compared to 57% in 2015.
  • 97% of people think a smart home is where you can control things like energy, lights, alarms easily or can be controlled by a mobile phone over the internet.
  • Almost 1/4 of people have some smart capabilities in their home.
  • 27% of people own at least one smart product .
  • 75% think the majority of homes will be smart by 2040 – compared to 33% in 2015.
  • 1/3 of people would like a smart hub in their home that connects all their smart devices together so you can control them all via a single app.

The key smart home drivers


  • Smart energy with intelligent thermostats, controls and metering, covering space and water, heating and lighting.
  • Smart security with door locks, CCTV, IP cameras and alarms.
  • Smart entertainment ranging from home cinema to high speed streaming video and audio, and internet/mobile connectivity throughout the home.

Leading brands in the Smart Home

  • Apple30%
  • Samsung21%
  • Google20%
  • Amazon13%
  • Nest13%

About the report

A survey of 2000 UK adults was carried out by OnePoll, a member of ESOMAR, May 2017.

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